‘Involve Local Communities’

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Naveen Patnaik advised to State Govt oficials

Bhubaneswar: Vaccination will be our main strategy to control the pandemic in future and bring back normalcy in the State. Till then we have to be extremely cautious. So we should have to go by our successful model of disaster management, which is based on community involvement and that is the sustainable way to face a pandemic as well. Immdiately Involve local communities and various associations in urban areas and PRIs in rural areas to effectively reach out to people.

The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today advised during a review meeting with Chief Secretary, DG Police, Collectors, and SPs today.

Mr Patnaik said, ”Many districts in Odisha have witnessed a huge rise in the Covid cases in the last one month. However, with the hard work of all the Covid warriors and the cooperation of the people of our State we have been able to manage the situation, but the challenge is huge and the battle is long. To further slowdown the infection rate, we have imposed lockdown for two weeks. So far, the lockdown enforcement has been going on well, however there is still scope for improvement in some places.

”Our Government is one of the very few Governments that is providing testing to treatment, food, accommodation, medicines everything free of cost to the people. This has helped people cutting across economic strata esp the poor to fearlessly avail treatment in the best facilities. Its a huge resource allocation for the government and I would like each one of you to ensure quality in services to the people. We have been taking feedback of patients under Mo Sarkar and will continue to do so.” the CM said.

Some of the focus areas are advised in the meeting.

1. Fire safety and medical Oxygen logistics should be a top priority for district teams. This should be monitored round the clock.

2. Testing Tracing and containment should continue in full swing with special focus on vulnerable areas.

3. Take direct feedback from doctors who are manning the ICUs and HDUs and act on their suggestions.

4. Vaccination program will be a top priority and fool proof arrangements should be made. Take care of elderly, women and other vulnerable sections in the vaccination drive. We are trying our best to mobilse adequate vaccines at the earliest possible time.

5. Keep a close watch on private hospitals treating covid patients. They must charge within the ceiling fixed by government. In case of any lapses, strict action should be taken against the hospital management.

6. Helplines in Covid hospitals should be strengthened and families must be informed of the patient status regularly.

7. Use CMRF funds to help people in distress during this difficult time.

CM advised once again sincerely appeal to the people of Odisha to wear masks, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distance and stay at home unless its absolutely necessary to go out. Please follow the Lockdown restrictions and cooperate with the administration.

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